Thursday 16 March 2023

Red-rumped Swallow at Walmsley sanctuary Cornwall 16th March 2023

A day of heavy showers and low mist and drizzle brought in my first spring migrants at our reserve Walmsley sanctuary.
Not only that though as one of them was a rare Red-rumped Swallow which has probably overshot its northely migration and missed the Mediterranean region completely.
It was in the company of about 20 Sand Martins, a day late for me as I usually reckon on them being on the River Camel on the 15th March!

A photo hit Facebook earlier of a swallow and then the jungle drums started and there was talk of it being a Red-rumped so I thought I'd best make an effort and get myself down to the reserve.
Sure enough when I arrived I found the bird feeding high over the tower hide and it seemed to be flying differently to our normal swallows so I rattled off a few photos just for record shots. Luckily I caught a few of the distinctive markings which proved that it was indeed a Red-rumped.
Apologies for the quality of the photos but the weather was shocking and the bird was flying high in the mist, however I am really pleased to be able to show proof of another good bird for the reserve.




Jasmina said...

Great capture and given the conditions great images.

Peter Crispin said...

Another scoop, Adrian - congratulations!