Tuesday 24 January 2023

More Common Dolphins today 24th January 2023.

 Another survey on the North Cornwall coast today and within 5 minutes of leaving harbour we were surrounded by common dolphins eager to spot humans in their oceanic domain.

Well into 200 animals came alongside or appeared in our view in the following hour and it was yet again an amazing sight.

Some of the students onboard had never seen a dolphin in the wild so it was quite an experience for them. I've now seen many thousands but they still excite me and I'm always trying to better the last picture.

Here are a few from today... it's our 4th consecutive day of surveys tomorrow so fingers crossed for more of the same!

Mother and calf


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, Brilliant images, I’ve had a number of sightings off Botallack and Carn Gloose this winter, some close to shore.

Jasmina said...

Beautiful set of images as always - sorry I missed these surveys 😊