Saturday 15 October 2011

Black tailed Godwits

There were up to 20 black tailed godwits in the shallows at Walmsley sanctuary this evening as the tide forced birds off the Camel mudflats.
As birds bathed in the fresh water I noticed their habit of wing flapping and jumping a few inches above the water to get their feathers in order. This was my cue to try to get the shot of a bird in action.

Black tailed Godwits

Black tailed Godwit

Black tailed Godwit

Black tailed Godwit


Unknown said...

Superb shots Adrian.

Beautiful light and great to get some shots of them fluttering around.

Are these taken from the old hide mate?

Sam and Lisa said...

Superb BT Godwit images, old hide in the afternoon ?

Anonymous said...

Late afternoon light has brought out the best in your photos

Adrian Langdon said...

They were in front of the tower hide but well settled and bathing so I poked the lens around the side of the timber rails at the left so that I was at a better level with them.

Ideally I need to put my hide in the reserve but for that I need a few days for them to get used to it and for the birders to respond favourably.