Saturday 8 October 2011

Long billed Dowitcher at Davidstow

Knowing this bird was on the airfield has been driving me mad all day as I'd agreed to work today and I couldn't guarantee that it would stay around until Sunday so as soon as I finished work we drove straight up to Davidstow where we met Will who had just been videoing it and he put me right on the bird.

Just as well really 'cos it was in a totally different part of the field to where most of the waders had been pitching.

See Will's video of the Dowitcher at
and the Snow buntings at

It was typical Davidstow weather with thick mist and drizzle interspersed with dull light. I managed a few pics and was amazed to see how it fed, like a woodpecker with a long beak, striking hard at the ground in short bursts.

To round off the visit there were 2 snow buntings along the runway which I grabbed shots of in the increasing rain and decreasing light.

Roll on tomorrow!

Long billed Dowitcher

Long billed Dowitcher

Long billed Dowitcher

Snow bunting


JRandSue said...

Superb photography,the Snow Bunting is the out right winner for me,brilliant capture.

Sam and Lisa said...

Work although necessary is the bain of life when you love wildlife photography Adrian. Great shots all round although I wouldn't expect anything else. See you Monday evening.