Saturday 28 April 2012


Re-visited the nesting Treecreepers and took a few shots from a distance with the 500mm lens. Such a small and fast bird it was hard to pick them up as they came up the tree trunk.

The wet weather seems to have slowed down their progress although there were enough midges circling around me to leave me covered in red blotches later in the day!

For the officianos this was taken using manual exposure, taking the reading from the background and dropping it a stop then using fill flash off camera with a long extension lead stretched to a nearby branch. 1/80th sec @ f5.6. ISO 200.



Adrian Davey (Dibs) said...

lovely photo

Bobbster said...

Quality shot, well worth the effort and setting up, great result.

Sam and Lisa said...

Hi Adrian What a shot, I saw your appearance on country tracks today, a repeat I think, you must be qualifying for royalties.