Thursday 22 June 2017

Leaving Utah and back to Colorado 20th June

Along US128

Tuesday 20th June

We left Moab and headed North – East back toward Denver but this time took the US128 highway which runs parallel to the Colorado river through the Castle Valley canyon area. Noted as one of the top ten scenic drives in the whole of the US it didn’t disappoint. 

We had been down this road years ago and knew it was good but I didn’t remember how good.
So if you’ve added Arches National Park to your bucket list make sure this is attached ….Hwy US128 Moab – Interstate 70!

We then drove East along IS 70 toward a campground we’d booked at the KOA Silt / Colorado River.
This is a new KOA and very nice it is too, we had a deluxe site overlooking the river with the added bonus of a pair of Bald Eagles nesting in the vicinity and a dead tree opposite the campground being a favourite perching place for these iconic birds.

First a swim in their new pool which was interrupted by some thunder and flashes of lightning!
We had a super pagoda to sit under in the stifling heat but were treated to great views of White-tailed Deer, Double-crested Cormorants, Great-blue Herons, Peregrine Falcon and of course the Bald Eagles.

Along US128

Along US128

Along US128 
White-tailed Deer

a very distant and poor quality American Kestrel

Great-blue Heron fly past!