Sunday 8 January 2023

Avocets in the Camel estuary. Sunday 8th Jan 2023.


So pleased to see these 2 Avocets this afternoon at Pinkson Creek on the Camel estuary.

My thanks to Rowan for calling me with the "heads-up".

I've not seen an Avocet on the estuary since March 2018 when one was at Treraven marshes.

They rarely turn up west of the River Tamar so maybe these are just sussing the place out before bringing the whole flock next winter!

To see 2 together and then be privileged to a very close 'walk by' made it super special.

Here are a few images from my trusty Nikon.....


Unknown said...

Gorgeous photographs Adrian - as always!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful elegant birds and such a privilege to get so close. Lovely images 😊

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Great shots