Monday 23 January 2023

Common Dolphins off North Cornwall coast 23rd January 2023.


Probably well over 200 Common Dolphins off the coast today and in very enthusiastic mood, bow riding, leaping and generally putting on a show!

They came to us as we surveyed for seals down the coast from Newquay towards St.Ives and were a joy to watch. We'd previously seen a few Harbour Porpoise en-route but they are rarely showy and usually dive deep when a boat comes along but these were totally the opposite.

Yet on our return journey back to harbour we met a few smaller pods and they weren't interested in us and were just lolling around on the surface...maybe they'd just fed and were digesting!

Thanks to Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust and skipper Chris Lowe aboard Atlantic Diver.

Newquay sea safaris and fishing.

Anyway here are some photos to portray the scene!...... Often they were too close even for a wide-angle lens!


Jasmina said...

Wonderful images - lovely to encounter them in the wild 😊