Friday 7 April 2023

Adders sunning themselves in a Cornish hedge. 6th April 2023.


Spent several hours down in West Cornwall photographing Adders, our only venomous snake in the UK.

It was quite cold in the wind but sunny and they seemed to have tucked themselves into warm patches out of the wind in an overgrown Cornish hedge.

Initially we found about 8 separate sites but on checking closer realised that there were often 2 and sometimes 3 snakes intertwined. So if you look at the photos check how many heads are showing!

Several showed blue eyes which I understand is what happens before they slough their skin as their eyes are normally red. Sexing them was difficult and none showed the true bright grey of males but I think several were males and just ready to slough and show that fresh colour in the next few days.

Such a treat to see these as I've not found many other than under galvanized sheets in the past few years.

Here are a few more pics.....

3 heads in this one!


Jasmina said...

Excellent images 😊

Anonymous said...

Ages since I’ve seen an adder and I’ve usually come upon them by accident, thus frightening them away. So good to know they are thriving somewhere. Thanks for the brilliant photos.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Adrian they look in good condition.

Anonymous said...

They look so big

Anonymous said...

Great photos Adrian. Difficult to find and photograph but you have done then justice. Glad there are a few about.