Sunday 9 April 2023

Purple Heron at Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall. 9th April 2023.


An early start paid dividends this morning as I caught up with the adult Purple Heron down on the Fal at Ruan Lanihorne.

It was hunting in the reeds on the upstream side of the bridge before eventually flitting across the road out to the open water side.

Always difficult to pick out as it skulked around the marsh and the high hedgerow by the road made it even harder to find a hole to poke the lens through.

Good to see so many friends down there and sad to overlook the Black-winged Stilt that was also there but I'm a bit "stilted out" at present!

A few more pics to follow.....


Jasmina said...

What a beautifully marked Heron. Lovely images as always…