Tuesday 18 April 2023

White-tailed Eagle in Cornwall 18th April 2023

Heard that a White-tailed Eagle was back in Cornwall so popped out to take a look this afternoon.
Seems it's been around for a few days and is probably one of the released birds from the Isle of Wight project.
I'll enter the details on the Roy Dennis Foundation website later and they'll advise if it's one of theirs.

 I won't give out the location so please don't ask , if you know then you know!

All taken from about 600 metres away with a Nikon D500, 500mm lens plus a 1.4 converter, hence the poor quality image.....however good to watch it and it became my 150th bird of this year!


Jasmina said...

Fantastic to see it catch a huge carp and devour it then fend off crows who fancied their luck with the left overs. Only wish my camera was up to the job ... well done on getting the images...