Sunday 17 June 2012


I spent a few hours in a hide this morning near a sparrowhawk nest. We'd known about the nest for a while but were waiting for the young to be hatched before trying any photography.

Fortunately the female bird was totally disinterested in me from her lofty nest site and I took some shots from ground level.

This viewpoint was ok for photographing the adult but not easy to show the chicks so I'm hoping to get a higher viewpoint in the coming days (weather permitting!).

Female sparrowhawk

Female sparrowhawk

Female sparrowhawk feeding a chick


Bobbster said...

Cracking images Adrian, nice one.

Unknown said...

Great to meet you at the Lizard the voter day Adrian. Enjoyed your Chough shots and these are super images.Remains an ambition of mine to get some close up images Sparrowhawk, great viewing.