Friday 14 June 2013

More Woodpeckers

Male Great spotted Woodpecker at nest
This is as close as I reckon I'll get to the image that I've wanted for many years of a Great spotted Woodpecker at the nest with the chick with its head out of the nest hole and the adult sharp. I've got so many pictures where the chick is a blur as it is always in a frenzy to be fed that it never keeps still.

I had to push the ISO up to 1600 to get it but with the full frame Nikon D600 the file size was huge and I'm pleased with the results. Ultimately some sunshine and a lower ISO would give better quality but this is Cornwall and we all know there are no 2 days alike where weather in concerned!

Female Great spotted Woodpecker at nest 
Great spotted Woodpecker chick awaiting a feed