Wednesday 15 April 2015

Burrowing Owl, Cape Coral, Florida. 14.4.2015

Well, Burrowing Owl was my main target species for photography on this trip to Florida and boy did we get them good this morning!

At one time we were standing in the suburbs of Cape Coral and could see 5 separate owl burrows in different directions.

They are well protected and each nest burrow is visibly marked so that the grass cutters and local works personnel don't mistakenly disturb them.

We saw at least 2 burrows in the central reservation of a dual carriageway, which does beg the question to the mortality rate due to car collisions!

Anyway here are a few rough edits of this mornings pics and they represent 3 different nest sites within a 200 yard radius.

The female owl at right looks out from the burrow.


Roos said...

Wonderful bird. Grate captures.