Monday 13 April 2015

Ospreys, Pine Island, Florida, 13.4.2015

A few of the osprey images I took this morning at the Northern end of Pine Island on the Gulf coast of Florida.

There were 3 nests all within 200 yards of each other, and that was just the ones we could see!

It's always amazing how ospreys are so rare in the UK but are very numerous in many other parts of the world.

These are just rough edits done from my sun lounger so apologies if they're not my finest finished items!


Sam and Lisa said...

Brilliant, one of my favourites, you on your travels again.

JRandSue said...

Brilliant action shots,outstanding detail.

Roos said...

Osprey one of my favorite birds.
The captures you took are fantastic.
Glad to read there not that rare on your side of the ocean. Here we can only see them when they are migrating and make stops for feeding and rest.