Tuesday 15 May 2018

Birds in Hungary Day 3. 15th May 2018.


A few more images from my day in Hungary, (and the previous evening as well!).

An amazing evening last night at the hide for the nesting Hoopoes with both adult birds feeding their chicks with insects.


A quick hour at a nestbox that has nesting Wryneck viewed from a canvas hide and a few dozen poorly lit images!


After the Wryneck David and I donned our mosquito nets and headed in to the reedbed amongst some of the tallest reeds I've ever seen.... at least 3 feet higher than my 5'10''.
We went to see another wonder of nature, the nest of a Penduline Tit.
I did see a few in Poland a few years back but this was hanging away from any vegetation under a huge Willow.

Penduline Tit.
Then this morning we awoke to heavy rain which slowed down our adventures to a sedate 7 o'clock start!

I spent the morning in a woodland reflection hide and despite the low and challenging light managed to get some shots of Hawfinch, Black Redstart,Common Starling & Tree Sparrows.

Common Starling.


Black Redstart.


Ian boreham said...

Great photos and sightings Adrian especially the nest of penduline tit and hoopoe.