Thursday 24 May 2018

Birds in Hungary Day 3. Part 2. 15th May 2018.

Well we took our lives in our hands... well our expensive camera gear anyway... floating just a few inches above the water as we waded out into a lake with the aim of photographing birds at water level.

We wore full length chest waders and travelled around the lake on our knees under the thatched reeds of the floating hides.

Trying to keep ourselves and our cameras dry was the main priority and it turned out to be very successful. Very back and neck aching but David Chapman and myself spent over 3 hours in the water immersed up to our chests whilst kneeling.

The main target species was Black Necked Grebes and there were lots of pairs, often with young that allowed us to enter their world as they hunted amongst the reeds.

Marsh Harriers were everywhere and it was great to be out in the reeds where they were hunting.

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier


Derek Spooner said...

Extraordinary pictures! Brilliant....